Shaws' Emergency Roadside Assistance!
We specialize in helping you!

So here we are on a late Friday evening. Its 5pm and the water pump just went out. Got enough money for repair but not enough for 3 days of hotel and repair. What oh what to do?

Simple  - call Shaws’ Auto Service, Inc.     219-362-3968 

Call 24/7 - Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance Service

If we can’t help you we will try
to find you someone who can.

On Call 24/7 - Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance Service

Shaws’ Auto Service, Inc has truly gone to the extremes in putting Service back into their name.

The driver keeps a list of repair shops that are open, even on Sunday La Porte County has a repair shop open. There is even a couple of repair facilities open all night

Train and bus schedules to Chicago and South Bend.

Local Hotel and Motel phone numbers.

We have all suffered the pains of a night time break down. The primary tow truck of Shaws’ has on board. Air, TPMS stem repair kits, air line repair kits, flat tire repair plugs, extra tire stems. Also tools to do fast repairs of idler pulleys and serpentine belts. We can tow you to a local repair facility or parts store.

There are a even a couple of places around with used tires.

We promise to help you with your roadside emergency as much as we can. Knowing our local area is key in helping you with your emergency.

Sadly we cannot travel into Michigan or Illinois. But if we can’t help you, we have telephone numbers of others that may be able to assist.

Shaws’ Auto Service can’t stress enough to the public that we also tire of the high financial cost of getting help on a Sunday. That’s why we never charge extra for after hours, weekends or Holidays.

Our business is built on service to the public. So we take it very seriously that when you are broke down on I-94, the I-80 toll road, or even a local county road;  you are in ‘harms way’ and need to not only be safe but feel safe.

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